Become A Plant Scientist

Are You Interested In Becoming A Plant Scientist?

We all have our hopes and dreams that deserve to be realised – some of them may be easier to achieve than others but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reach out and grab your dream job as a Plant Scientist.

Lead Researcher


There’s a whole load of responsibility that comes with being a Lead Researcher of a project. Not only will you need to find funding for your research, you’ll also need to make sure that you stay within your budget. Investors, as well as the University, will be constantly breathing down your neck asking for progress reports and the buck will always stop with you. If you fancy the pressure of one of the top jobs in science, then you’ll need a decent BSc in a Plant Science followed by a MSc and then you’ll need to secure PhD. Best of luck!

Leaf Lab Technician


Much easier to get into and a job that comes with a great deal less responsibility, a technician’s job might not be as glamorous as others in Science but it pays the bills! You’ll mostly be at the beck and call of the Supervisors and Researchers, obtaining and organising samples. Although your theoretical knowledge won’t need to be stellar, you will need to have your practical skills up to snuff. Once more a BSc is pretty essential when it comes to obtaining one of these positions, although it can be possible to slip in without one.

Plant Photographer

Photographing Plant can be a science too! It’s all too easy to forget about the smaller yet crucial jobs that are involved in pulling of a grand scientific experiment. A large part of the project is the final paper, that is produced with the aid of the Lead Researcher , Supervisors and Technicians. However, none of these people are artists and none of them have an eye for a good shot. That’s where the Plant Photographer comes in. You’ll need to either have a great deal of experience or formal training in photography to get in (a decent portfolio never goes amiss either!).

Plant Archaeologist


Sometimes the answers to tomorrow’s science questions may well lie in the plants of yesterday. In order for these questions to be answered, a different kind of science needs to be applied. A Plant Archaeologist has the requisite training to pick apart samples that are thousands of years old, unlocking the secrets of the past that would otherwise be obliterated by clumsy modern scientists. A BSc in a Biology, followed by a Masters in Archaeology will set you up nicely – however, don’t expect to walk into one of these specialist positions!

Plant Grower


Adapting ultra-modern techniques to an ancient craft that has been practiced since the dawn of man, a Plant Grower not only understands the ideal growing environment for his chosen plant, he also finds ways of adapting his techniques to maximise growth. Plants can be temperamental creatures, prone to react to the smallest of environmental changes and wilt at a moment’s notice. You’ll need proven growing experience with character references, or a BSc with a decent amount of Lab Time to back up your application.

Plant Scientist (Writer)


We won’t pay you a dime, the experience will be almost negligible and you’ll only be published online – but we’ll happily accept any contributions that you send us in, as long as they’re not complete garbage. We’ve been writing and publishing on all aspects of Plant Science for the last 2 years, although we’re never usually short of material, a recent memory purge has put us in a slightly tight spot – so any pieces would be greatly appreciated!

Just pop your name and email address in the box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!